jamiekinosian asked:

food or anime



Anime is nearly my life blood, but food…man do I love food, besides the fact that it keeps me alive. It gives me a pleasure that can cheer me up in the worst of moments and bring me to near ecstacy in other moments.


I might have to go with food…though I think I would be quite sad without anime as I’ve spent most of my life consuming it, I have spent even MORE time consuming food. And it generally cheaper.  

sandaachan asked:

Best Dream and Worst Nightmare come true or none of your dreams come true?

Oh man…that’s something I shudder to imagine. Whether this means actual dreams I have had whilst sleeping, or what hopes/fears I have for the future…either way this is a hard one. Because worst nightmare is terrible beyond belief for me. But best dream is amazing and wonderful. 

I think…maybe none of my dreams coming true. Which is awful. But not so awful as the worst nightmare, so I can be content with a vaguely dreary life knowing the worst shall not come to pass.